AstraMu Game Update!

AstraMu Game Update!

To enter game update your game client with AstraMu Launcher or download this Patcher and extract it manually.

Fixed Issue where Blood Castle event did not start
Fixed Issue where buffs could disappear when reaching certain buffs limit
Fixed Issue where Archangel Blade to Blessed Archangel Blade mix did not work
Fixed Issue where Illusion Knight's mastery sets 2nd-8th did not display ancient options
Blocked ability of using Illusion Avatar skill in Offline Levelling (temporary, due client bug)
Fixed Issue where Doppelganger Invitation Ticket could not be used
Fixed Issue where Elite Monsters did not apply debuff upon successful attack properly
Fixed Issue where splash damage was not applied correctly or was not applied at all
Fixed Issue where certain Muuns could have improper info on tooltip

Posted 20 / 10 / 2022

Currently this is only one server.